Shereka Jackson


Carla Washington

Kim Gathers

Shaunta Hendking


Future Stars, Inc was founded in 2008 by Shereka Jackson with the core belief that, without exception, every child is a star. She truly believes in making sure that our youth have an opportunity to be the best version of themselves, so she built Future Stars to help students reach their goal of pursuing higher education.

We go to the kids. We provide STEM education, trainings, and mentorship by partnering with the community centers and the community in which they live. The organization supports students with mentoring, financial awareness, training, and scholarship searches for school advancement. We do whatever the family needs; we are their BFFS!

Future Stars, Inc. goals include:

  • Increase STEM awareness and knowledge for inner city youth. 
  • Expose youth of color to STEM.
  • Increase the number of girls that have a STEM career.
  • Teach problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Promote equity in STEM.

As we continue to grow, Future Stars, Inc. will continue to provide the opportunity for inner-city youth to realize that you are smart enough to not just be a consumer of technology, but also develop technology. That you can achieve your academic goals. That you can pursue higher education. That you are our future. That you are all stars.